10 June, 2007

Five… More… Days…

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Until the last day of school. All I have to say is, “Thank the gods!” Why is it that the last few weeks of school are the most exhausting? I mean, we’re not even really doing anything productive! The Faery was in a production of The Coloured Museum (which is a great play, by the way), and I’m taking a Foreign Film class at school, but that’s about it. That’s been rather fun, though. Apparently, other countries are a lot more open about sex and drugs (but not really rock ‘n’ roll) than we are. Funny, that…

Anywho, yes, I’ve been knitting. I knit during the movies, and I’m really moving along on my mom’s Ziggy scarf:

And this is how much is left of the second skein:

Woo hoo! Just one more skein to go! This means that I might actually finish the scarf in time for my mother’s birthday! This makes me a very happy Knitter. Unfortunately, due to this being an “on-the-go” project, the chart has suffered some casualties:

Eh, as long as it’s still readable. I think it’ll hold out for a few more days… I hope.

The trim in our kitchen is being re-painted, and I can’t stand the schmell of schellac (haha), so I’m going to wind that last skein of Melange and escape outside, where the weather is nice enough for knitting. And maybe a little knapping napping, too. 🙂 Ta, all!


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