26 June, 2007

Life Go ‘Splody!

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Woah, where did all my knitting time go? Between being sick (and not being able to knit because I pretty much did nothing but sleep and watch bad daytime television), going to the County Fair with la familia, and preparing to take my driver’s license test (which is in TWO DAYS. Yikes!), I’ve barely had time to knit. I finally got to sneak in a little knitting time today (after I woke up from a long nap and drove The Faery to the BART station) on the Pool Socks:

Yeah, recycling pictures from yesterday’s post. The Pool Socks look pretty much the same as they did yesterday, only they’re 1/2″ longer. I’m still having fun with this yarn. Every now and then, there’ll be this little random 4-stitch stripe of really dark blue/grey that I have become totally fascinated with. It’ll just come at random, and then I make this little happy purr/yelp type noise which The Faery finds really, really amusing. >.<

So, I’m looking at these socks and thinking about the cuffs. I’m thinking just a little bit of 1×1 ribbing (maybe 1/4″ or so?) with a cute little picot bind-off. I am totally enchanted by those. They are just so adorable and feminine!

I think I’ll go knit on these guys some more. So close to turning the heel! Only a few more inches to go!

PS. Don’t worry about the Snowdrop, guys. She’s still coming along, but very slowly. I’ve done maybe two more rows on her. I feel guilty about that, because I only have, at most, five more rows to do before that gods-awful long i-cord bind off. But… socks! Pretty turquoise socks! *le sigh* I am too easily distracted… look, a bunny!


24 June, 2007

Catatonic in California

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…instead of Sleepless in Seattle, I guess? Urgh. I was hit hard over the head by the Muse last night, and ended up pulling an almost all-nighter of creative frenzy before falling asleep on the floor of my studio at about 2:00 in the morning. This is what my desk currently looks like:

Let’s see, from left to right, you can see: a Dungeons & Dragons character sheet, a notebook with hastily scribbled sketches and notes, my actual sketchbook, my spindle, assorted art supplies, T-pins, and my sock, which was neglected as I scribbled and inked and coloured into the night. It was good fun, but I remembered why I don’t like to stay up late.

Today, I was going to go to the Pride Parade in San Fransisco, but I was dead tired (and still a wee bit sick), and– as fabulous as it would have been to go– I had other thing I was to do today. I just got back from a Summer Solstice ritua, which was also great fun. I saw lots of people I haven’t seen since… well, since the Winter Solstice. There was gorgeous weather, great company, yummy vegan ginger cookies, and:

Really, really blurry photos of socks. I knit on this baby a whole lot today: while I was at the BART station, waiting for the Faery to meet me at the BART station, hanging around at the household where the ritual was held. I only have another 4.5″ to go until I turn the heel on the Pool Socks. I am very excited! That means I’m nearly halfway there! I’m already thinking about my next pair (after I finish this one’s mate, of course). Maybe some Widdershins? Hmm, must plot and scheme… And stalk the sock yarns at my LYS. See what’s on sale, yes… must think of travel knitting for an upcoming trip…

More later. Must scheme.

23 June, 2007

I’m Not Quite Dead Yet!

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Sorry for the long absence, dear knitters. I was away at the Faery’s house for a few days, and I’ve just come down with an unpleasant cold which kept me asleep for most of the day.

But, oh! The things I have to show you. I’ve been knitting:

Behold! The beginning of my first pair of socks! They look a little too small in the picture (really, they fit perfectly) because the DPN’s were being stubborn and slippery. I’m still getting the hang of knitting with DPN’s this small (because I haven’t knit anything small in the round lately), but the knitting’s going along fairly well. For those who asked, I’m using the basic toe-up formula from Knitty, which I found to be extremely easy. I plan on using it in the future to design a pair of socks that are floating around in my mind (but I want to actually knit some socks first).

This yarn is a dream to work with! It’s beautifully soft, and the colours are beautiful. I am totally enthralled with hand-painted yarns now. It’s so much fun to watch the colours gradually shift and change, going from electric blue to deep turquoise and all the shades in between, undulating almost like gentle waves in a crystal-clear swimming pool. I think I’ll call these the Pool Socks.

But! That’s not all I’ve been up to. On Tuesday, my friend K. and I met up, and she taught me to spin!

The colours are almost completely accurate in this photo! Yay! What you see here is most of the roving I was given to practice on, spun up into an as-of-yet-uncalculated number of yards of real, honest-to-god yarn. Granted, it’s still inconsistant, slubby yarn, but I’ve only been spinning for a grand total of four days. I’m quite proud of the progress I’ve made in such a short time, and now I have a new craft to blow my disposable income on! I’m having a lot of fun with this roving. It’s dyed in a bunch of different colours, so I’ve been amusing myself by pulling off strips at random and seeing what colours I’ve spun up. Most of it is dyed in soft, dark shades of blue, purple, grey, and green, but every now and then, I get a stripe of electric blue! It’s totally enchanting.

Let’s see, have I forgot anything? Oh, yes. I also worked one more repeat on the Snowdrop Shawl. Only one more to go, and then I get to knit the border! Whopee! I think I’m going to get myself some more Airborne, find the kleenex, and settle in to knitting some more on the Pool Socks. Ta, all!

20 June, 2007

FO: Ziggy

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Finally! It’s done!

Doesn’t it look great on my mom?

Pattern: Ziggy from Magknits February 2006.
Yarn: Blue Sky Alpaca’s  Melange, 3 skeins
Needles: Susan Bates US6 straights
Modifications: None. Just worked it with a slightly thicker yarn.

This pattern blocked like a champ! Look how much it stretched out:

More tomorrow. I have exciting things to show you! (Hint: I’ve been spinning). I’ll leave you with the mandatory “F.O. in the window” shot:

18 June, 2007

Hurry Up and Wait

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Ziggy blocking:

I heart the Yarn Harlot’s blocking method:

(sorry it’s blurry. I was crouched down on the floor, and my injured hip didn’t like that very much.)

F.O. tomorrow, since this thing needs to dry overnight. I’m glad I won’t be around tonight; my bedroom smells like wet alpaca (which smells just like wet wool, coincidentally enough). More exciting things tomorrow. I’m learning to spin tonight!

17 June, 2007

White and Knerdy

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Man, that song describes me to a T. It’s kind of frightening. Lyrics here, if anyone’s curious.

Anywho, apologies for the lack of posting action. I was out of town this weekend. Wanna know what I was doing?

Yes, that’s right. Weird Al himself. In concert. It was AMAZING. It also went very, very late into the night, so obviously, I had very, very little time to knit this weekend. Well, that, and I *gasp* forgot to pack any knitting. I did knit when I got back today, though (after I went to a friend’s commencment and had a nap). Guess who’s back?

The Snowdrop. Oh, yes. Lemme tell you, I was really happy to be working on this project again. I’d really missed the hundreds upon hundreds of teeny, tiny little stitches, and the cool, smooth metal of my beloved Addi Turbos (wish they were the new lace ones, but I only have enough money for one new pair needles, and I need smaller DPN’s for my socks). It’s perfect summer knitting because it’s so lightweight!

As of right now, I’ve finished one more repeat out of the planned 51, which puts me at a staggering 94% complete with the body of the shawl! Only three more ever-increasing, soul-crushingly long repeats to go, then I get to knit the border, which I hope will go much faster, because there are less stitches on the needle at one time (well, there’s actually like, 400 on the needle, but I’m only working with about forty of them at a time). *crosses fingers*

Speaking of large numbers, my dear, beloved, long-suffering mother turned an undisclosed number of years yesterday:

Happy birthday, mom dear! Sorry your scarf is a little late (I couldn’t block it before we left, and we have guests over tonight, so I can’t block on the guest bed). I’m hoping for a F.O. sometime tomorrow afternoon or Tuesday morning. I want this thing to be DONE already!

Also, remember that friend whose commencement I went to today? My current non-knitting project is a present for her. I’ll give you a hint: It’s a piece of jewelry, and it involves these:

Nerdiest. Jewelry. Ever. I’ll post photos of those when I’m done with them. For right now, I’m gonna go fall over.

14 June, 2007

Ay! The Heat!

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Yeah, we’re going through another heat spike here in the Bay Area. We rarely get them, and as sucks, I do NOT tolerate them well at all. For the past few days, I have been incapable of most things, not including a) lying on the floor in front of the fan, b) taking cold showers, and c) knitting. On the plus side, mom’s Ziggy is done!

Stupid yarn still won’t photograph accurately…

Obviously, it still needs to be blocked, and I plan to do that tonight. Look for a F.O. sometime in the near future! I’m just waiting for it to cool down a wee bit, so I can actually block in a straight line. Since I have no clue where my yardstick is, I’ll have to use the edges of the bed (my blocking surface of choice) and hope it’s straight. Also, I cut it close with the yarn. Look how much is left:

There’s not enough there to do a full repeat, so I think I’ll save it and use it as an embellishment for like, the cuff of a pair of socks, or something. I’d definately use this yarn again. It gets fairly good yardage for its’ price (approx. $7.00 a skein).

Speaking of socks, since I am currently without a travel project, and I finished Ziggy on Tuesday, I started to swatch for my first pair of socks yesterday, but the gauge was much too loose on my US3 DPN’s:

(kinda hard to tell from the photos, but I assure you, it is much too loose for socks). I was about to rip out the swatch and curse my lack of smaller-gauge DPN’s, when I realized something else:

My precious ice blue DPN’s only came in a set of four. So, not only do I have to buy a set of smaller needles (I’m thinking US1’s will be small enough…), I can’t buy the pretty-coloured metal ones. I think I’m just going to lie down in the living room and read for a little while (the used book store was having a sale. I have no regrets). More when the weather lets up a a wee bit.

11 June, 2007

Summer Knitting, it Happened so Fast…

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Yeah, yeah. Bad musical knitting pun, I know. But you all love it, and you know it. Don’t deny it. We knitters love the puns.

Anyway, since it will officially be summer in 10 days (by “official”, I mean the Summer Solstice), here is my current “summer knitting” position:

That’s: glass of ginger ale (no ice, thank you. I hate ice in my drinks), chart for Ziggy, and Ziggy itself, which is really making lots of progress:

Haha, standard “WIP in the window” shot. But the light from the not-quite-setting sun really shows off how much the sheer weight of the project really opens up the pattern. I forsee that very little blocking will be required, but I like to test the limits of how much things will open up when I block them. Since Melange is so damn stretchy, I’m predicting that this thing will grow quite a bit, and it will end up being a wrap instead of a scarf. I’m hoping my dear mother won’t mind too much. She did say she wanted something to keep her warm…

I started the third and last skein of Melange today. Here’s how much is left:

So. Damn. Close.

PS. Remember that sock yarn I bought last week?

Yup. Not socks yet. I just couldn’t bring myself to cast on for another project while this one is so close to being finished. Five more days until my mother’s birthday…

10 June, 2007

Five… More… Days…

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Until the last day of school. All I have to say is, “Thank the gods!” Why is it that the last few weeks of school are the most exhausting? I mean, we’re not even really doing anything productive! The Faery was in a production of The Coloured Museum (which is a great play, by the way), and I’m taking a Foreign Film class at school, but that’s about it. That’s been rather fun, though. Apparently, other countries are a lot more open about sex and drugs (but not really rock ‘n’ roll) than we are. Funny, that…

Anywho, yes, I’ve been knitting. I knit during the movies, and I’m really moving along on my mom’s Ziggy scarf:

And this is how much is left of the second skein:

Woo hoo! Just one more skein to go! This means that I might actually finish the scarf in time for my mother’s birthday! This makes me a very happy Knitter. Unfortunately, due to this being an “on-the-go” project, the chart has suffered some casualties:

Eh, as long as it’s still readable. I think it’ll hold out for a few more days… I hope.

The trim in our kitchen is being re-painted, and I can’t stand the schmell of schellac (haha), so I’m going to wind that last skein of Melange and escape outside, where the weather is nice enough for knitting. And maybe a little knapping napping, too. 🙂 Ta, all!

6 June, 2007

FO: Shifting Sands

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Finally! Il est complet!

And le fringe:

Pattern: Shifting Sands, by the always-lovely Gumperina
Yarn: Caron Perfect Match in colourway Deep Violet
Needles: Susan Bates US 7’s
Modifications: The only thing I did to this pattern was make it narrower by about 4-5 repeats, since I was using fairly bulky yarn.

I LOVE this pattern! It was a joy to knit, and the resulting fabric is beautifully textured and spongy. It’s a very warm scarf, too (trust me. Summer in the Bay Area is perfect scarf weather, especially in July). I like the way the little three-stitch columns knit up, too. I’m going to have to play around, and come up with some variations on this pattern. It’s just too much fun to let die!

PS. This is how much yarn I had left:

Yay fringe!

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