24 May, 2007

Argh! Packing!

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 Or, “Watch Ryn be extremely neurotic– with pictures!”

So, I’ve been rushing around like a sheep about to be shorn (I was going to use the “chicken” metaphor, but I thought a wooly one might be more appropriate), trying to pack all my things for BayCon this weekend. BayCon, for those not in the know, is this big science-fiction/fantasy/gaming/general knerdy nerdiness convention down near where I live. It’s four whole days of geek paradise! Unfortunately, this means I’ll be away from the blog until Monday afternoon, so I won’t get to blog until then, unless I get lucky and some nice geek loans me their laptop.

So anyway, I’d happily finished my packing:

and was about to zip up my suitcase, when I realized that something was horribly wrong:

That’s right, dear knitters. My suitcase wouldn’t close! Even pushing on it didn’t help. Then I remembered:

My suitcase is expandable.

So I expanded the expanding part thingummy, and all was well in the world:

Until I realized: I’d forgotten to pack any knitting! So I unzipped it again, and was about to toss in my mother’s Kelp Leaves scarf, when I took a closer look at the pattern:

See that nice, neat, distinctive stem on the right-hand side? Guess what? There isn’t one on the left-hand side. I was very, very puzzled as to why this could be, so I ripped and re-knit the damn thing about three times when I finally accepted that it was most likely a chart error, and showed the thing to my mother. She agreed that it looked “wonky”, as she put it, so we spent a while looking through my pattern surplus (that’s really the right word for it, I assure you), and she selected Ziggy from the February ’06 MagKnits.

Sigh. Frogging. Well, at least I’ll have something to do on the long, long, long BART ride down the the convention…

See you all Monday! Hopefully with some progress.

PS. Still plugging away on Shifting Sands. I’ve gotten 66 repeats done, which means that I am 69% complete. Yay!


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