21 May, 2007

Ryn’s Adventures in Pattern Mods

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So, I finally got to cast on for my mother’s birthday present today! Hurrah! Since this was my first time modifying a pattern, I decided that it’d be a good time to do some math:

And a close-up of my “detailed” pattern schematic, complete with blurry, illegible handwriting:

Lovely, isn’t it? Not as lovely as the Melange, though.

The skein, unwound, ready to being its’ new life as a regular ball of yarn.

The skein as a regular ball of yarn (is it just me, or does that look awfully small? I only have three balls of this stuff… gulp). The colour still refuses to photograph accurately. It’s not nearly that shade of electric blue, I assure you. Think the colour of the sky on a warm, cloudless day, then add in a few little green flecks.

The beginning of the Lace Leaf Wrap Scarf, which my mom has nicknamed the Kelp Scarf, due to its’ colour. I think it’s cute, so I think it’ll stay for now. There’s leaves in there. I hope…

But I digress. This yarn is such a joy to knit with! It is buttery soft, slides over the needles nearly effortlessly (but doesn’t slide off. You know what I mean), and– get this– doesn’t split. It’s great lace yarn!

So anyway, what I figured out is that I need enough stitches to to a 6-stitch-wide border of seed stitch on either side, and 21 stitches for the pattern itself, so I cast on 33 stitches. I knit happily for a few rows before realizing I had a wandering extra stitch. I’m thinking of ripping this back and casting on enough to put a little stockinette border on the other side (there’s one on the right-hand side, but not the left), to see if that’ll balance out the weird wandering stitch. But first, because I’m a glutton for punishment, I’m going to knit on it some more the way it is, to see if it’ll fix itself, or if it’s just a chart error. More later. I’m going to fortify my nerves make myself some tea.

PS. As of Wednesday, The Knerdy Knitter will be one month old! Hurrah! Time to go join some webrings… 🙂


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