15 May, 2007

Puuuuurple Rain…

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Yeah, I’m on a song lyrics kick. I had an audition for a musical today, so I have an excuse. Things have taken a turn for the purple here in Chez Knerdy, as evidenced by my beautiful orchid, which apparently exploded when I wasn’t looking:

That’s just one of the monstrous blooms that are threatening to take over my office/studio:

Beautiful, aren’t they? The look so innocent, all shoved into the corner next to my bookcase, but I assure you, the minute I turned off the camera, they sprung forth again to obsure the bottom third or so of my bookcase, so I am no longer sure if I own either a dictionary or a thesaurus. This makes me very sad, because I love my dictionary (I know; neeeeeeerdy, but that’s the name of the blog for you!).

So, ignoring the orchid-y doom looming behind me, this week is STAR testing at my school. The STAR test is the standardized test that Californian public schools are forced to subject administer to their students. I always finish my tests with like, an hour to spare, so here’s how I’ve been spending my time:

Well, this and reading the newest Artemis Fowl book… Anyway, what you see here is a very large chunk of Shifting Sands, complete with half-gone skein of yarn (don’t ask why it’s in two balls like that. I’ll give you a hint: it involves my cat) and current yarn bag, AKA my regular purse. Since you all know how much I love percents and progress schematics, I decided to do a little math. I looked closely at the knitted fabric and determined how much “one repeat” really was:

then I measured out one foot, and counted out how many pattern repeats that equaled. Since I want my scarf to be approximately five feet long or so, I took that number and multiplied it by five:

1 foot = 19 pattern repeats
19 pattern repeats x 5 = 95 pattern repeats

So far, I have completed a total of 43 repeats, so we just use some simple math:

43 repeats / 95 repeats = 0.45
0.45 x 100 = 45% complete!

See, guys? Math is useful outside of school!

In other news, the Snowdrop is still growing:

and I made an exciting discovery:

The Shawl is almost a Wedding Ring Shawl! Well, it would be, if I was married, so I used my commitment ring instead. It almost fit all the way through mine, but I’ll try it with The Faery’s to see if it passes through his (his fingers are quite a bit wider than mine are).

Also, I reworked my calculations on the Shawl, and I think the end may be closer than I originally thought! See, in the original pattern, the Yarn Harlot has you work a plain stockinette triangle in the top of the pattern, but I decided to omit that.

So, I figured out how many “snowdrops” I would need to have in the row before preparing to cast off, which I figured to be about 25. With one extra repeat thrown in as the pattern calls for, that equals out to 51 repeats. At the moment, I have just finished the 47th repeat, which puts me at… *insert drumroll here*… 92% complete with the body of the shawl! Hallelujah! The end is near! Don’t get me wrong, I love this pattern, but the rows are so. damn. long. And, in true Harlot fashion, I have my eye on a few other beautiful shawls, like Spanish Dancer from knitty, and the Kiri shawl (yeah, jumping on the bandwagon a bit late, but I’m cool with that) by Polly Outhwaite of All Tangled Up. I’m going to go knit and scheme now. Mwahahahaha…


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