13 May, 2007

Le Jour de la Mère

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:54 pm by rynserenity

I hope all of you have had wonderful days with your mothers if they are still with you. Mine was simply sublime. We took my mother out to lunch, then had ice cream at Fenton’s, which is an old-fashioned ice cream parlor, complete with those awesome glass dishes and servers will those funny little paper hats. It rocks, and the ice cream is enough to give you diabetes, but it is so worth it. The Pagan Alliance Festival was a blast, too! The weather was great, the company was fabulous, and the sunburns… well, they certainly stand out, too. I got a great little pendant with the Faery Star on it:

But I’ve been knitting, too! Since we last saw it, Shifting Sands continues to grow:

Wow! This pattern’s moving along pretty quickly. I may end up giving it to my Spanish teacher, because she was admiring it, and won’t be teaching again at my school next year, sadly. Here it is again, with a ruler for comparison:

Your eyes do not deceive you; the scarf is indeed almost two feet long already. I like my scarves to be nice and long-ish, so I’ll probably make it a good 4.5-5 feet with fringe. Mmm, fringe…

Also, still making progress on the Snowdrop, albeit much more slowly, since I haven’t been around to knit very much. I plan on knitting on it later today, but for now, I think I’m just going to curl up with a book and digest the ice cream a bit. Until later, my dears.


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