10 May, 2007

The only thing keeping me sane…

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Here’s how I relax after finishing a final:

This picture was actually taken of me at complete random by… my Biology teacher. He brings his digital camera to school sometimes, and I noticed him taking some pictures of me and my knitting, so I asked him to transfer them to my laptop via my flash drive. This was the best one, I think. See? People do get the whole “can you photograph my knitting for my blog” thing!

So, as you can see, I’ve been making good progress on the Shifting Sands scarf while I wait for the my mom to pick the yarn for her birthday present this weekend. Here it is, in all it’s beautiful, textured glory:

Yes, that’s a ruler next to the scarf. It is now officially more than a foot long. I’ve had a lot of free time on my hands lately, and I expect more to come soon, because STAR testing is next week. Mwahahaha.

I love the way this scarf feels as it’s knitting up. It’s wonderfully soft and sproingy, with just enough structural integrety to stand up to even the most biting winds (not that we get a lot of that here in the Bay Area). The colour, however, is such a bitch to photograph accurately. At least I finally got it to stop coming out as denim blue (how the *@$&%! does that happen?).

Ah, well. At least the Snowdrop has been making progress. I got two more repeats done on Tuesday night, which makes the shawl body roughly 79% complete! W00t, I say. W00t! And now, I do believe I have some knitting and some fresh cinnamon bread calling my name. Good night, gentle knitters!


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  1. Vyvyan said,

    You need to give your classmate–the one sleeping awkwardly behind you–a poke with your knitting needles. Or she needs to learn to knit too so she can stay awake! I remember sleeping during a class once and drooling on my drawings so I shouldn’t be talking.

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