8 May, 2007

First F.O. of the Blog!

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I think that calls for a “w00t!”

Pattern: Cabled Headband from One-Skein Wonders: 101 Yarn Shop Favourites collaborated by Judith Durant

Needles: Susan Bates US7 metal straights (ice blue, by the way. I heart coloured needles)

Yarn: Unknown arcrylic from the local thrift store, approx. 132 yards, with almost two full skeins left over.

Finished Dimensions: Approx. 12″ long and from 4.5″-3″

I finished this pattern at school yesterday while I was taking finals (well, not WHILE I was taking finals. You know what I mean), but didn’t get a chance to blog about it, because my good friend C. was staying the night. It was good, not-so-clean fun, so that totally makes up for it. Here are some “action shots”:

The headband in its’ entirety, live stitches on both ends ready to go.

Excecuting the three-needle bind-off. My first one, by the way. Not as hard as I thought, but it was a bit like knitting with DPNs: feels like juggling a porquipine until you get a rhythm down.

The finished three-needle bindoff, and weaving in ends. I was so pleased with the way this headband came out! It sits very comfortably on my head, with just the right amount of head-hugging stretch goodness. It’s very soft, too, and doesn’t make my head itch. I just wish it was cool enough to wear! Also, I cast on for the Shifting Sands scarf yesterday:

And here’s how much I knit during school today:

I LOVE this pattern! I love the way the cables almost create a subtle ribbing effect, and the thickness of the fabric. I actually ended up going up two full needle sizes, so I am now knitting with US7s, which is perfect for the heavily-cabled stitch pattern. My mother remarked that it felt like a winter blazer, so I may just have to play around with that, once I get better at designing knitted items… Mwahaha.

I’m going to go study for my Art History II final now… Only three finals to go… Ugh.


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