6 May, 2007

!Hace Mucho Calor!

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:38 pm by rynserenity

Which means, in Spanish, “it’s extremely hot”, basically. So, yeah. Here in the not-always-so-sunny Bay Area, we finally got the weather that we’re supposed to be getting during this time of the year. Read: it’s extremely *!&$^#@ hot right now. I have an extremely low tolerance for heat– in fact, a friend of mines swears that I was born in an ice cave– so I’ve had nearly no motivation to knit today. I did, however, make a small swatch for the Shifting Sands scarf:

See? Small. This was about all I’ve had time (and energy) for all day, because I was at a rehearsal for a ritual I’m in next weekend at the Pagan Alliance Festival. But I’m really happy with how well the texture shows in this yarn, which finally photographed fairly accurately! It’s actually about that colour; just a wee bit darker. I’d go ahead and start on the actual scarf, but I’m going back and forth about this particular gauge. As of right now, I’m knitting with US6 (4.0mm) needles, and I think that the fabric might be a bit too stiff and dense for a scarf, so I’m going to try swatching with my US7s to see if that loosens things up. Unfortunately, my only pair of US7s are being used for the Cabled Headband, which I’m going to try and finish tomorrow, because it’s finals this week, which gives me lots of knitting time at school (I always finish my exams early). Then I can re-swatch, and see if that helps the fabric loosen at all. I’ll leave you with a close-up of the yummy, yummy texture the cables create:

Yay for cabling without a cable needle! I’m going to go work on a cooler project, like the Snowdrop Shawl (the body of which, by the way, is  75% completed! Only 13 repeats to go!). Hope the weather is more bearable wherever you guys are!


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