5 May, 2007

Can’t Sleep, Finals Will Eat Me…

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:17 pm by rynserenity

Oh, my god. I’ve been so incredibly busy over the past few days, studying for final exams, writing final papers, and completely revamping my portfolio for final critiques, that I’ve barely had any time for knitting! I feel so ashamed… *hangs head*

But! I have managed to sneak some KIPing (knitting in public) while I commute to school. See, I have roughly a thirty-minute commute to and from school every day, and I’ve got to kill that time somehow, or I will go crazy! I’m a very fidgety person, and I need something to do with my hands on long trips. So, that means I’ve made lots of progress on the Cabled Headband! Check it out:

The Cabled Headband has grown a lot in the past few days! I took a trip into San Francisco today to visit the Asian Art Museum, and I had a while to knit on BART. I’m now into the final decreases, and are about halfway through that section. That makes me about 71% done with this project! Yes, the book next to the Headband is indeed The Draconomicon, coincidentally opened to– you guessed it– the page on White Dragons:

Ain’t they cuddly?

The Snowdrop also continues to grow, but slowly. I was going to put in a lifeline and dry-block it to get a sense of its’ size, but I don’t have the time right now (I’m going to a play tonight!). Hopefully I’ll have pictures of it tomorrow. But I have a feeling this thing is going to be huge! I can’t wait to finish it.

Especially because my beloved mother’s birthday is in a month, and I am going to knit her this, because she saw the pattern and loved it so much. BUT. I’m going to make some modifications to it, because my mother doesn’t wear shawls very often. I’m going to take the edge border and knit that up into a scarf. This is my first time modifying a pattern. Gods help me.

Tomorrow: Photos of the Snowdrop-in-progress, and (hopefully) swatching for the Shifting Sands scarf!


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