1 May, 2007

Eeeeebony and Iiiiivory…

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(Sorry for the horrible, horrible title. It’s the week before finals, and I really can’t think of a better one right now.)

Anyway, to keep with the theme of today’s title, there seems to be a lot of both black and white abounding here at Chez Knerdy. To start with, the black:

(This one’s Louie)

  (This one’s Diva)

The two neurotic Miniature Dachshunds, who insist on shedding on everything light-coloured that I own, including the white:

(The shawl)

(The headband)


My teeth! The dogs don’t shed on those, but I got my braces taken off today, and am very excited about that. 🙂

Anywho, progress reports: I’m very pleased with how the headband is proceeding. I’m only 3″ away from starting the decreases, which puts me at about 48% complete (the irony of this is, I hate doing percents in math class, but I love using them to calculate how much of a project I’ve finished)! Woo hoo! Considering this is my “on-the-go” project, it’s knitting up really fast!

I don’t really have any comments on the shawl right now. It suffered a tragic frogging incident last night, due to me trying to knit and write a final paper at the same time. I’ll spare you the gruesome details…

But! Since I’m nearly done with the Cabled Headband, it’s time to start thinking about my next “on the go” project! I knew I definately wanted to do something with lots of texture, and really needed some colour after all of this WHITE, so it was off to the yarn/pattern stash, where I found this:

Which refuses to photograph accurately. It’s actually a much deeper, richer purple. The label calls it “deep violet”, and I think there might be enough for a narrow-ish scarf in here! If not, it says it’s “no dye lot”, so getting more should be a piece of cake, since they sell it at my local Long’s.

This particular skein was a Christmas gift from a very dear friend of mine (who doesn’t knit, but knows me very, very well). It’s 100% arcrylic, but it’s soft. Holy hell, it’s soft. Like, the softest arcrylic I’ve ever felt. It looks like it’ll hold up really well to texture, so I’m seriously contemplating Grumperina‘s Shifting Sands Scarf as my next project. It’s got lots of really tiny little cables (2,575, to be exact), so it’ll be a fun challenge for my fingers, and this colour is beautiful! It goes well with a lot of my wardrobe. I’m looking forward to swatching this in the near future.

For now, I’m going to curl up on the couch with the Snowdrop Shawl and watch me some “House, M.D.”


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