29 April, 2007

I’m Back, Baby!

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:28 pm by rynserenity

After spending the weekend out of the house, it’s good to be back. I had a great time this weekend, seeing friends (and boyfriend’s friends), getting a hell of a lot of knitting done, and… sleeping. I’m serious, I’ve been asleep for most of today. Well, more like cat-napping. I’ll be awake for a few hours, then sleep for an hour or two, wake up again, go back to sleep. Later, rinse, repeat. Anyway, knitting updates!

I got a lot of work in on the Snowdrop, modeled by the lovely Jaques Cousteau the Wonder-Cephalopod:

He suffers with such dignity.

Have I mentioned how much I still love this pattern? Even though it gets a little repetative (no pun intended), I am still loving it. Hoorah for OCD. Let’s see, I got three more repeats done on Saturday, which makes the body of the shawl… 73% complete. Hot damn! I can’t wait to start on the edging.

The Cabled Headband continues to grow:

Close-up shot:

The lighting in my living room sucks. I really should stop photographing stuff on my couch. Anywho, remember that I was having a problem with the purl sections rippling? Well, I discovered the problem was solved when I taught myself to cable without a cable needle. I learned how because I kind of had to. I lost my cable needle. You wanna know what I was using as a cable needle?

Yeah. A circular. I need more sleep. Gonna go do that.

PS. I also got a new hat, and for some reason, the picture shows up sideways, no matter what I do never mind. I fixed it:



  1. AntChris said,

    Frere Jacques — Ze reason ee suffers with so much dignity is zat ee as zat enormous French soul. Non?

    As for the picture that always comes out sideways, the culprit is clearly the hat. It must be some sort of, you know, parabolic reflectance thing (ahem).

  2. Ryn said,

    Oh, oui oui. Eet is because of his beeg French soul. And zee tentacles. Eet iz easier to suffer when you ‘ave tentacles. 🙂

    And yes, the picture coming out sideways is probably because of some kind of parabolic reflectance thing. That’s the reason. Myself, I blame the fact that it was late and I was groggy. Must be reflected somehow in the formatting…

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