26 April, 2007

Life is Good…

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Man, I have just been rediculously happy for the past few days. Not that I’m complaining or anything, it’s just a little bizarre. I’m normally a content person, but I don’t really swing one way or the other. I’m just sorta neutral on life. But lately, I’ve just been, “wow, my life is great! I am having the most fabulous day every!” I’m a little weirded out. Stupid horomones…

Anyway, to furthur improve my good mood, the camera is back at home, and I present you with WIP pictures:

I have been making great progress on the Cabled Headband.

Standard detail/close-up shot. I think I may be addicted to cables now. And lace. I think I have to find a pattern with cables and lace now…

As I said yesterday, it’s literally all downhill from here. I finished the main increases and am now knitting the main part that covers the forehead. I am taking extra special care with this part, since it’s the part that will actually be prominantly displayed. The knitting was lightly pinned to my couch for this photo, but it naturally has a slight curve to it. Do you guys think this is normal? I’m really not sure.

Also, I’ve been noticing some slight puckering around my cable crosses lately. I thought maybe I was knitting too tightly, so I frogged the last cross and re-knit it, purposly keeping my stitches very lax. And yet, still with the puckering. I did notice that it evens out with slight stretching, which will happen naturally when I wear it, so I’m not too worried. Anyway, onto the next mood-enlightening project:

Since the Snowdrop is not really any noticably bigger, I present to you an “action shot”. This is where I do the majority of my knitting, since that’s where the best lighting is, and I’m close to the kitchen (I like to have something to munch on while I knit). My mother took this shot right as I was beginning a row, so it doesn’t look too terribly impressive, but trust me, this sucker is getting really big. Immediately after the picture was taken, I got sucked into the knitting vortex, and promptly finished another repeat. If I’m lucky, I might get two repeats done tonight! Hurrah! As of right now, the body of the shawl is now 69% complete!

I know, not much of a leap from yesterday, but I’m hoping to get some serious knitting time in this weekend. Man, this shawl rocks so much. I am still loving every minute of this pattern, even though I rarely need to look at the chart any more. I can’t wait to knit the border, and then block. I love blocking lace, like pretty much every other lace knitter out there. I love watching the pattern bloom and grow, I love bending wool to my will, and I love how fiddly all those little pins are.

See, I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and I get an immense feeling of satisfaction when I get something blocked out so that it is exactly straight, and exactly to the pattern’s specified dimensions. It’s almost like a little high for me. And then I notice that my curtains are crooked, and it’s onto the next thing, but that’s another entry for another day. I’ll be away from my computer (and the camera) for a few days, so expect the next entry on Sunday (hopefully). I’m going to go knit on my Snowdrop Shawl some more.


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